Duct Cleaning

Professional Duct Cleaning in Salem, Oregon

There are many reasons to consider cleaning your HVAC system. 

Heating and cooling duct systems can distribute contaminants throughout your home. Smokers cause odors to linger and pets shed high amounts of hair and dander. Rodents and insects can spread disease and worsen allergies. Past water contamination or damage to the home can introduce water to the system. Uncontrolled moisture should not be in ducts, as it allows mold to grow.

Using high-quality filters, changing them regularly, and performing regular HVAC maintenance will help to minimize the need for duct cleanings. 

You should consider having your ducts cleaned if:

Our team uses excellent equipment and a detailed process to provide the most thorough cleaning available in the duct cleaning industry. We are so confident in our work that we offer a generous guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with our work for any reason, we will perform our full service again within 30 days at no charge to you, provided we receive notice within 10 days after the initial service.

We offer competitive prices for our duct cleaning work:

Confused? We can calculate the cost of cleaning the duct system in your home for you. Just call us at 503.873.2810 or request a quick quote online.