Residential Service Requests in Salem, OR

Residential Heating and Cooling Services in Salem, Oregon

What do you look for in a company that handles residential service requests? Do you want a fair price? Do you want workers who will treat you and your home with respect? Do you want an option for emergency service for those situations in which time is of the essence? Do you want your service requests to be handled in a prompt and thorough manner? Of course, you probably would answer yes to all of these questions, but you may be surprised to learn that not all companies can meet these basic requirements.

If you live in the Silverton-Salem area and need one or more repairs performed on your home, you should call the trusted professionals at Eastman Heating & Sheet Metal. Whether you have a problem with your plumbing, your appliances, or your heating and cooling equipment, Eastman Heating & Cooling has the knowledge and experience to get things running the way they should be.

Why should you trust us? Look at our history. We have been servicing residences for over 90 years, and that kind of longevity only comes with a reputation built upon honesty and hard work. We only hire individuals who can demonstrate good character, and we determine this by looking at drug tests, background checks, driving records, and work safety habits. Our employees have professional appearances and will complete your requested repairs in an efficient manner.

Making a service request is easy. Just fill out the form below, and we will respond within 60 minutes during regular business hours or by 9:00AM the following business day. If you have an emergency, you should call our office at 503.873.2810. One of our technicians will respond to your call.

You can save additional money on repairs by enrolling in one of our customer care plans.